Wednesday, December 7, 2016

NCAG Tutorial Week - Part 3

Print Layout using Adobe InDesign Cover Photo
Photo Credit: The Sketch Alchemist/Nigerian Comics Online

Kindly download the free PDF document on the above blog post from this click here. The appendix section of the document on different formats for web upload and final print click here.

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Article Credits/References: CG Blogger's Archives and Nigerian Comics Online

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

NCAG Tutorial Week - Part 2

Lettering Comics Using Adobe Illustrator Cover Photo
Photo Credit: The Sketch Alchemist/Nigerian Comics Online

Kindly download the free PDF document on the above blog post from this click here. I hope this helps in lettering your comics much more professionally.

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Article Credits/References: CG Blogger's Archives and Nigerian Comics Online

NCAG Tutorial Week - Part 1

NCAG Tutorial Week Cover Photo
Photo Credit: Tobe Max Jaeger Ezeogu/Nigerian Comics Online

The Nigerian Comic Artists Group(NCAG) is a group dedicated to the diversity of Nigerian and African comics as an emerging industry trying to find its footing. 

The great idea to host this event was the brain child of Tobe "Max Jaeger" Ezeogu who created the group and is a graphic artist & illustrator who created the awesome comic character Eru published by COMIC Republic in Lagos, Nigeria. He also happens to hold the post of the Creative Director/COO currently as at when writing this blog post.

These are the links to the various posts on his blog "Nigerian Comics Online" enjoy reading up by clicking on the highlighted topics.

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

AWA Showreel 2016 - Volume 2

Motion Graphics Montage Banner
Photo Credit: Animation West Africa Foundation

Animation West Africa Foundation popularly known as AWA presents to you their official Show reel to celebrate the New Month of November 2016. This show reel happens to be better in quality of works presented than the first posted on the blog before,kindly check it out here.

This is the official face/platform of West African Animation and CG Art which is changing the way the African artists are seen, fostering unity among members, encouraging the synergy of teamwork and a new generation of passionate artists whose creativity knows no bounds even with their challenging environments which are not really supporting their creative pursuits.

Abyss Comic-Book Cover

Abyss - Process Banner
Photo Credit: Dm3DRev Studeos

This is a quick cover i did for the Nigerian Comic Artists' Group Tutorial Week using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. Here are the processes in pictures as i drew it out. Hope you like it.
Rough Sketch
Photo Credit: Dm3DRev Studeos

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Materials/Tools for Traditional & Digital Art

Materials/Tools for Traditional & Digital Art
Photo Credit: Dm3DRev Studeos

This article is basically about my favourite tools i have used over the years & some i still use. From my experiences in life so far when i started out at the age of 4 as a traditional artist,then as an architectural illustrator & now 2D-3D generalist. If you are an architect,interior designer, graphic designer, computer scientist, art enthusiast or newbie to the world of art this blog post is for you. These materials and tools are listed below with pictures. I hope it proves useful in your artistic journey.

Traditional Materials/Tools

Rotring Mechanical/Clutch Pencils 0.5/2.0 HB thickness & a eraser stub of the same manufacturer
Photo Credit: Dm3DRev Studeos

  This duo are favourite tools of mine for sketching & making quick doodles on paper. Saves time with no need for sharpeners only refills. An eraser comes in handy always so must be in your artistic arsenal.

Rotring Pen & Sakura Micron Pen
Photo Credit: Dm3DRev Studeos
 These pens usually in their set of varying pen nib diameters for different line lengths, thickness & overall appearance. Great tools for giving your depth & boldness in visible inks. Rotring is German brand widely used in the art,architectural & engineering fields. Sakura is a Japanese brand whose pens are excellent for comic illustration & line art available on amazon.

ClipBoard A4 Size
Photo Credit: Dm3DRev Studeos
Clipboards come in both A4 and A3 sizes. Handy, portable & a must have art material to keep up with your doodling ideas.

Coloured Pencils and Pastels
Photo Credit: Dm3DRev Studeos

Coloured pencils and pastels are also great for learning colouring techniques and shading styles. Recommended brands are Staedler, Reeves and Derwent. To get the best of both worlds i recommend Pastel Pencils as well.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Mechanoid - Rapid Concept Art

Mechanoid - Process Banner
Photo Credit: Dm3DRev Studeos

Rapid concept art is an interesting style  i have been wanting to try out for over a year i finally got to round to complete this Mechanoid character design. I hope to get better soon with more practice. Check the tutorial i used for inspiration (click here).These are the visual processes in pictures below.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Tips/Tools for Lettering & Creating Comics

Tips/Tools For Lettering-Comics Banner
Photo Credit: Dm3DRev Studeos

Essential Tips Before Embarking on the Creative Journey to Making an Awesome Comic Franchise

If you are to create a successful comic franchise. It's good you have a team of people to work with. So find like minds of your peers to build a comic from scratch.

Essential Team Members

  1.  *Editor/Comic Script Writer(s)  
  2. *Penciller(s) 
  3. *Inking Artist(s)  
  4. *Colourist(s) 
  5. *ComicBook Cover Artist(s)  
  6. *Letterer(s)  
  7. *Graphic Designer(s)  that composes the final print layout.

Very important: It is a good thing if all team members can draw in case of emergency to in fill the gaps.

Tip 2:
Recommended Software Packages: Adobe Illustrator,Photoshop,InDesign & CorelDraw.

Tip 3:
Learn how to draw well to an extent is a must. Graphics Design knowledge & Print Layout Composition is necessary in the final comicbook design

Tip 4:
Research the internet,no one here can really answer you with all the solutions like Google,make it your best "FRIEND".

Some links that can help you.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Scarface Remix - The Digital Version

The Scarface Remix - The Digital Version
Photo Credit: Dm3DRev Studeos

I finally got round to finish the digital version of the Patrick Scarface tutorial using Photoshop & Illustrator. I need did it traditionally check it out here if you missed that article earlier. Here is the breakdown of the stages as i drew, inked and coloured from the initial pencil sketch i scanned.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

HellBoy - #HeadShot - Fan Art

HellBoy Fan Art Banner
Photo Credit: Dm3DRev Studeos

HellBoy, Dark Horse Comics(DC Comics) character, i tried out a style of painting realism i have been scared to try out but turned better than i anticipated. Enjoy the visual breakdown of the processes i took to achieve the final render.